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Amherst Exterminators has 6 office locations: Amherst, Buffalo, Grand Island, Hamburg, West Seneca, & Dunkirk

Our Pest Control Services Areas Include:
Allegany, Angola, Ashville, Bemus Point, Blasdell, Bowmansville, Chautauqua, Cheektowaga, Depew, Derby, Dewittville, Eden, Ellicotville, Fredonia, Gowanda, Jamestown, Kenmore, Lackawanna, Lakeview, Lakewood, Lancaster, Lockport, Mayville, Niagara Falls, North Evans, North Tonawanda, Olean, Orchard Park, Pendleton, Salamanca, Silver Creek, Snyder, Tonawanda, Wheatfield, Williamsville

If you don’t see your town, Pick up the phone. We will arrange for us to get to you.

Real Estate and Buying a house…What is OUR role?
Oddly enough, the LAST thing a new home buyer thinks of is bugs or rodents. To me it should be included in all these HOME INSPECTIONS that are the rage now. Think about it, you move into a beautiful new home and invest money in furniture and fixtures and discover that you have a condition that requires and exterminator. When the home is EMPTY or VACANT, this is the time to get Amherst Exterminators into inspect and install preventative materials to eliminate any surprises like spiders, mice, bees, centipedes, fleas etc. The exterior and the siding and windows should also be inspected for insect nesting sites and sawdust or frass. Many symptoms go unnoticed by the untrained eye and the realtor is not trained for this unless it is overwhelmingly visible. Do not expect your realtor to get an exterminator involved.

Be thorough and get Amherst Exterminators on the site and lets get the property off on the right foot. You have just made a large investment so protect it immediately by insuring it against all insects and rodents.

Purchasing and repairing a new home can be stressful… Let Amherst Exterminators take some of that stress away and rid your new home of unwanted visitors!!

Summer Conditions in the Western New York

When the weather finally “breaks” and solidifies in our region, it seems we get invaded by everything at one time. First the ants, then the wasps and the bees and then the carpenter bees and the yellow jackets and hornets.

Most of the homes in the suburban Amherst area have a deck and some kind of wooden play area now and the entire property comes under ATTACK by insects. At Amherst Exterminators, we deal with this condition EVERY YEAR. We show up, check out the property and all of the outdoor garages and storage areas and play sets and devise a plan to control the insects so you can enjoy your yard and have BBQs. Every year the families we take care of tell us how they were getting stung and could never eat outdoors because the bugs were “awful”. When the temperature hits 80, nature unleashes onto all of the homes that were built in the middle of the SWAMP!! The only thing that can be done is a form of maintenance. With these programs, no matter what happens on your property, you will be “cover”. Don’t wait until it’s too late, sign up early so you get early service to help it from getting bad.

Yellow Jacket and Wasp nesting can be a dangerous thing around the property. Many of our clients get stung because they did not know where the nests were. We specialize in locating these insects and their nests. The months of August and September can be especially active with large nests forming daily and attaching themselves to homes and eves and their soffits. Homeowners should be advised that during August and September to watch for these insects flying in the house. Should this occur, call Amherst Exterminators immediately for there may be a nest on top of the ceiling or in the attic. In these situations, the ceiling may need to be opened up to get the nest and remove all the larva and eggs. When you see yellow and black striped flying insects during that time of the summer indoors, be very alert and do not agitate…just pick up the phone.

Amherst Exterminators can provide you with a very comfortable yard during the summer. We do our best to insure you can enjoy your weekend and special times. Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE!