Cluster Flies Extermination


A cluster fly is like a standard house fly, only larger in size. They have a grayish color and are about a 1/3 of an inch long. You can detect cluster flies by the unique odor they secrete when crushed. Another distinction between cluster flies and house flies is their habit of overlapping their wings.

To provide food for their offspring, females lay their eggs near earthworms. When the flies hatch from the soil, they immediately feed on the worm. After a month of feeding, the cluster flies grow into adults. This process reoccurs about four times every season. Because the final generation always struggles to find a place to nest, they tend to invade homes before the winter season.

During the winter, you can find cluster flies resting in attics and other dark places in homes and structures. Once the temperature begins to warm above 50 degrees, they become active once more. They leave their dwellings when they are ready to begin the mating process.

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