Stop pests in your home before they cause damage to people or property.  Invasive pests multiply quickly and damage your home as they build their nests, and their stings and bites can endanger guests and inhabitants. Amherst Exterminators provides Bowmansville, NY, pest control and extermination services to destroy any pest problem before it causes damage.

Carpenter ants, carpenter bees, mice, rats and cockroaches are among the most common species in Bowmansville that cause damage to your home.  As they build their nests and expand their populations, these invaders break down wood, insulation and plaster behind walls.  Wasps, bees and hornets may build hives in garages, on roofs, in chimneys or they may even find their way inside through openings in siding and eaves. Amherst Exterminators prevents the spread of pests and stops the damage to your home while safely and completely eliminating the problem.

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