Ant Extermination

There are three different types of carpenter ants: queens, males, and workers. Both winged and wingless queen carpenter ants exist, with winged carpenter ants being the largest type of carpenter ant. Male ants and worker ants are small, and the males occasionally have wings. These males are known as swarmers.

Queen carpenter ants survive after mating, though they only mate once. Mating produces up to 20 eggs during a two week gestation period. Once the eggs hatch, the ants grow into adults in approximately three months. The amount of ants in each colony varies, with some colonies containing up to 5,000 ants.

Unlike the queen ants, male carpenter ants die instantaneously after mating.

Carpenter ants spend most of their time gathering and eating food. They will do anything for food, and are willing to travel up to 100 yards away from their nest to acquire it. They eat other insects, fruit, and sugary foods.

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