Millipedes Extermination

The size of millipedes varies greatly and they can be anywhere from ½-1 ¼ inches long. They can have 80 legs or as many as 400. Generally, their bodies are black or brown but occasionally they have a reddish tint.

Millipedes are most active during the spring and summer and they spend the winter laying their eggs. During their dormant period, they can lay as little as 20 eggs or as many as 300. Because millipedes can live up to 7 years long it takes them a full year to become sexually mature adults.

Millipedes tend to come out during the night and they make their homes in moist or dark locations. Although they move very slowly, they ward off predators by secreting a unique odor. While they do come out in colder temperatures, they are most active in weather that is upwards of 70 degrees.

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