Mice Extermination

House mice are brown or black in color and are usually a little less than a foot long. You can identify them by their droppings, which are black and carry a strong smell. They usually don’t venture out of their nest until night, but occasionally you can spot them scavenging for food earlier in the day.

This type of mouse reproduces quickly, with females capable of having up to  ten litters per year. With about  five mice per litter, a single mouse can produce up to 50 offspring annually. The mice’s offspring usually only live for a year.

Mice excel in small spaces and they chew through just about any material. They use heightened senses to get around and are able to climb, jump, and even swim when necessary. They are common to the Western New York area, and we specialize in exterminating them and preventing their return. You can find them during any time of the year, but they tend to stay dormant during the colder months.Mice Exterminators in WNY

If you feel that your home may have a mice problem, contact the professional exterminators of Amherst Exterminators right away for more information on our extermination services and receive a free mice removal estimate.