Yellow Jacket Extermination

A yellow jacket is a bee that is ½ an inch long, and yellow and black in color. Although they were first common throughout Europe, they have since traveled to North America. Yellow Jackets are known for their large nests formed every year.

Male Yellow Jackets die immediately after mating, while the females live to lay as many as 50 eggs. In a few weeks, the eggs hatch and the queen takes care of her offspring until they are ready to leave the nest. With thousands of workers and cells, Yellow Jackets quickly develop large nests. They mainly spend their time scavenging for food including fruit and meat.

Yellow Jackets tend to make their nests in high locations, such as trees in order to avoid predators. However, they will do whatever it takes to defend their home if they sense a threat. In the fall, workers leave the nest for good and a new nest is made the following year.

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