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The Dangers of Hornets on Your Property

If you believe you have hornets, or a hornet’s nest, at your home and are concerned about the safety of those on your property, it’s important to know the dangers hornets possess and how to protect your family. Whether it be their dangerous stingers, the number of hornets that can come from a single nest… Read more »

What’s the Difference Between Carpenter Bees and Wasps?

Bee in a Hive

Flying insects are some of the most invasive species that a homeowner can encounter. Some flying insects are known to bite, while others have sharp stingers that they use when they feel threatened. Flying insects can be threatening to have around your home because some people can have life-threatening reactions to their bites or stings,… Read more »

Are Yellow Jackets Harmful?

Yellow Jacket Bees

The yellow jacket is not a bug that you should be handling on your own. These bright yellow color wasps can be aggressive and attack when they feel threatened. When it comes to bee, wasps, and yellow jacket control, you should always contact a qualified professional to ensure safety during the removal process. If you’ve… Read more »

Keeping Your Home Clean & Disinfected

Keeping Your Home Clean & Disinfected

During these times it is important to be mindful of the cleanliness of our homes.  There are many surfaces and areas that need to be routinely cleaned. If you are wondering how you can keep your home and family safe, there are a few steps everyone can take to create a clean and safe environment…. Read more »

How to Get A Mouse Out of Your House

How to Get A Mouse Out of Your House

Uninvited house guests can be extremely annoying , especially when those guests happen to be four-legged, curly-tailed critters that dig through your trash and can potentially carry over 35 diseases! If you have a mouse darting back and forth across your kitchen floor, you’ll want to catch it first and ask questions later. Many people… Read more »