Are Yellow Jackets Harmful?

The yellow jacket is not a bug that you should be handling on your own. These bright yellow color wasps can be aggressive and attack when they feel threatened. When it comes to bee, wasps, and yellow jacket control, you should always contact a qualified professional to ensure safety during the removal process. If you’ve noticed an infestation of yellow jackets, but you aren’t quite sure how to take care of them, learn about what makes them dangerous, and contact a professional immediately.

Why are yellow jackets dangerous?Yellow Jacket Bees

They Are Aggressive

While you’re spending time outdoors, the last thing you’ll want is a family member or pet coming into harmful contact with a yellow jacket. Usually, if you leave a bee alone, they won’t bother you, but that’s far from the case with yellow jackets. They are incredibly aggressive and can bite and sting you without warning. Unlike bees, yellow jackets won’t lose their stinger, so they can continue to sting you over and over again. They are considered even more aggressive than wasps, hornets, or bees.

Yellow Jackets Sting and Bite

Because they don’t lose their stinger, yellow jackets will continue to sting if they feel threatened. Sometimes, it can occur unprovoked too. While they sting, they will usually bite your skin so that they can get a better grip as they continue to sting, making it that much more difficult to shake them off. This could be very harmful to those who are allergic to bee stings.

Yellow Jackets will Travel Far Away from Home

If you’re having an outdoor event, keep an eye out for unwanted guests. That’s right. We’re talking about yellow jackets. Unlike other insects, these pests are not afraid to travel away from home to hunt for food. They will travel near and far to scavenge for meat and sweet liquids.

Venomous Stings

Many individuals are allergic to the venomous yellow jacket sting. Some people may experience severe swelling and irritation after a sting. In extremes cases, someone may also have difficulty breathing and can even faint. If you get stung in the mouth or throat, make sure you seek medical attention immediately because the swelling is likely to occur.

Yellow Jackets are Territorial

Accidentally knocking over a yellow jacket nest is very dangerous. Together, yellow jackets will swarm to defend their nest and fight off anyone near their nest. If you have young children who play in the yard, it’s vital to contact a professional pest control service to avoid a harmful accident.

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