The Dangers of Hornets on Your Property

Hornet's NestIf you believe you have hornets, or a hornet’s nest, at your home and are concerned about the safety of those on your property, it’s important to know the dangers hornets possess and how to protect your family.

Whether it be their dangerous stingers, the number of hornets that can come from a single nest or the way that they intensely defend their home base, it’s essential to be aware of the worst-case scenarios and the ways to avoid a dangerous situation.

Understanding the dangers that hornets bring to your property will keep your family out of harms way until a professional exterminator can come and inspect the issue and safely remove the insects or nest.

Hornets have stingers that are extremely dangerous

The biggest danger of having hornets on your property is the potential to be stung.

Hornets are one of the biggest insects you will come across, growing as much as ¾ of an inch long, and release a large amount of venom when they sting (more venom per sting than any other insect), making them a very serious threat.

Hornets will defend their nest by stinging

Although hornets are generally known to be passive and peaceful insects, they will protect their nest and sting when they feel it is being threatened.

Because of this, it is extremely important that you do not attempt to remove a hornet’s nest on your own. Without the proper experience and gear, you can open yourself up to serious injury and expensive medical bills. It is best to leave nest removals to a professional.

A large number of hornets can come from one nest

Another danger of having hornets, or a hornet’s nest, on your property is the potential for them to grow in numbers to a point where they can overtake your backyard or other area on your property.

Hornets will typically create their nests in high, hard-to-reach areas that allow them to grow and expand their colony without being harmed. If left unchecked, a queen can build a nest and have her first set of eggs ready to hatch in about a month’s time. A colony of hornets can reach as high as 3,000 and can have up to 400 workers at a time.

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