How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Infiltrating Your Sheets

Bed bugs are bad– you don’t want them. Just the thought of them should make you itch and scowl. The sooner you detect ‘em, the cheaper it will be to get rid of them.

Where are you likely to encounter bed bugs? Well, a lot of people come into contact with them in hotel rooms…and then bring them home to their house after their trip is done.

So, with that in mind, when you stay overnight at a hotel (or someone else’s house or apartment), you should do a basic inspection of their bedding. Look at the mattress, box spring and the visible parts of the headboard and see if you notice bugs anywhere or little brown spots. If you don’t see anything, chances are you’re safe. However, if you wake up the next morning and find bites on your skin, bed bugs might have gotten you.

Bed bug bites are usually in clusters of at least three and end up in areas of your skin that are exposed while you sleep. You’re likely to find them on your arms, neck, face and/or shoulders. They tend to look like mosquito bites.

Should you experience bed bug bites, take whatever is in your suitcase and unpack it somewhere outside your home (like in the garage). Take your clothing and put it through a hot wash or dry cycle, as heat will kill the bed bugs. To disinfect your suitcase, you can use no-pest strips that are dropped into a garbage bag along with your emptied suitcase. Seal the bag, let it sit for two weeks or so, and the pesticide does its job, killing any remaining bed bugs.

Some people resort to using a steamer or vacuum on their bed to get rid of bed bugs. However, these items might not pick up all the potential bed bug eggs, so a professional should be called in to fully take care of the problem.

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