Control Bed Bugs in WNY

bed bugBed bugs are tiny insects that are less than half a centimeter long. They can live up to four  years and they make their homes in household items like furniture and, of course, beds. Most bed bugs are red, brown, or clear. They are tiny oval shaped insects and they do not have wings.

Bed bugs survive by consuming a blood meal. However, they can live for more than a year without having one. A female bed bug is capable of producing as many as 500 eggs throughout her lifetime, and they take between one to two weeks to hatch.

You can usually find bed bugs hiding in woodwork, floors, windows, curtains, upholstered furniture, sheets, blankets, and elsewhere. They make their home in dark places and they usually only come out at night.

If you notice red spots on your skin after lying in bed, you may have an infestation; contact us and we can rid you of those annoying bed bugs.