Yellow Jacket Exterminators in Buffalo

You’ll know a yellow jacket when you see it: their yellow and black patterns on their abdomens are quite distinctive. These insects will sting if they feel threatened, and people can be allergic to their stings. They love human foods like sweets and certain proteins, so they will often be found near outdoor events.

Occurrence of Yellow Jackets in Buffalo & Western New York

yellow jacket exterminators in BuffaloYellow jackets are social wasps, naturally nesting on tree limbs, under rocky overhangs, etc. that are very common in Buffalo and the Western New York region. They may also choose to nest inside your home’s structure, gaining entrance through tiny openings. They often also form their paper nests around your home in sheltered places such as under lights, under decks, in shrubs, in underground rodent burrows, etc. These nests can house up to 4,000 individuals.

These insects are the most common cause of multiple stinging incidents. They may be recognized by their slender bodies, lack of body hair, and the fact that their smooth stinger is not left behind in their victim.

Your Personal Yellow Jacket Prevention Plan

Because of the risk of stings, you don’t want yellow jackets in your home or near your family. You can keep them away by following these steps:

  • Remove your garbage frequently and keep your trash cans covered.
  • Make sure the screens around your doors and windows are in good condition.
  • Avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes outdoors, as yellow jackets may be attracted to the smell.

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