What Are Your Options For Ant Treatment?

A single ant is just about the most harmless creature imaginable. Unlike more menacing pests like bees and spiders, we humans have a decent relationship with ants. In fact, laying on the grass on a hot summer’s day, you might not even mind having a few crawling on your arms and leg.

This peaceful coexistence can change in an instant, however, if the rest of the colony decides to show up. A single ant paying your home a visit is nothing, at least until he goes back to get his friends. When hundreds—or even thousands—of ants begin to file through your home, it’s time to deal with them once and for all. Here are a few options for treatment.

Cut Off Their Supply 

There’s a reason why all those ants decided to make the long trek to your house, and it’s not because they like the music you’re playing. They’re here for one reason and one reason only: to eat. Remember how you threw away all the junk food in your cupboard on New Year’s Day? Basically, you’ll want to do the same thing for the ants. Seal every food container as best you can and cut off any water leakage at the source to keep them from satisfying their appetite in your home. Hopefully they’ll get the message.

Seal the Perimeter

Sometimes, you’ll need to be a bit more forceful to protect your home. Act as if your home is under attack by an outside micro-army and fortify every possible entry point. Caulk can work pretty well here. You might consider spraying insecticide at suspected entry points as well. You’ll need to be persistent and stay on the lookout in case they’re able to find another way in.

Go and Find Them

It’s a scary thought, but what you see in your house is probably just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re able to follow their path, you might just discover where all the ants are coming from. If you do, you could have a chance to wipe out the entire colony all at once. Otherwise, killing the ants inside won’t even put a dent in the massive amount at the source.

Leave a Special Treat

If you’re unable to find the colony yourself, you just might be able to let the ants do the legwork themselves. Spraying insecticide in your home will only cause ants to avoid the spots you spray, and they’ll often just use a quick detour instead. Ant bait, on the other hand, attracts ants just like food. If they grab the bait and haul it back to the colony, it can be enough to wipe the entire thing out—queen and all.

Call the Pros

We wish it were always as easy as we’re making it sound, but ant infestations can be incredibly difficult to pin down. If you’re having trouble with an infestation in your Western New York home, or you’d just like to get it out of the way quickly, don’t hesitate to call Amherst Exterminators and let the pros do the dirty work.