Two “Pests” That Can Offer You Help

Whether it is ants, termites or cockroaches, no one wants to see insect pests inside their home. But did you know that a couple of creatures typically considered “pests” can actually help to prevent insects from getting inside of your home?

Sure, you wouldn’t want them to take up residence in your space, but both bats and spiders can be incredibly helpful in your battle to keep your space insect-free.

The diet of most bats and spiders consists almost entirely of insects, which means that keeping them around can greatly reduce the numbers of insects in your yard (and potentially your home). According to, bats save US farmers more than 3.7 billion dollars a year. Thanks to these winged creatures, fewer pesticides are needed and fewer crops are destroyed by insect pests!

Similarly, spiders can keep common pests like mosquitoes and roaches at bay. They eat a majority of the insects that carry diseases, helping to reduce potential illnesses and allergic reactions that are related to pests in homes.

So how can you help these creatures do their best to keep all other pests out of your space?

Bat boxes are growing in popularity, offering bats a comfortable place to sleep in our yards and making them more likely to dine on the insects in your area. There are also certain habitats that spiders prefer to reside within, which you can create near your garden to keep insect pests from eating up the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor.

According to Mother Nature Network, mulching your garden creates a more comfortable home for spiders, as does adding potted flowers near your garden.

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