Spring Weather Brings Out More Than Just Flowers

Spring showers bring May flowers, but many unwanted pests come along with this change in weather.

The beauty of budding flowers, trees and bushes always brings along the insect pests that make their way in and out of homes and buildings.

Ants, spiders, millipedes, silverfish and many other insects forage in and around the exterior of structures, eventually making their way inside. The best defense for this type of problem is to keep your perimeter dry and free from unwanted weeds, moisture and shade. The shade around a home is beneficial for a nice, well protected area but it can also lead to moisture problems that allow ants to establish colonies in and around wood structures.

Keeping a good three foot barrier around your house with no moisture, growth or heavy shade is key in helping suppress crawling insects.

The winter winds bring neighbors leaves, sticks and debris close to your foundation, providing a great source of protection for pests and making exterior barrier applications the key to creating a pest free environment in your home and yard.

Amherst Exterminators can provide this service all spring, summer and fall as you need protection. You call and let us know what kind of control you need and we provide the protection so you are not paying for unwanted and unneeded applications. If you are in need of a spring exterior barrier application, call us today at 716-908-2475 to schedule an appointment or visit us online for a free quote.