Spiders: Nature’s Plant Pest Exterminator

As creepy as we humans think they are, spiders are incredibly beneficial to us – especially during the summer months. If your garden is always plagued by the teeny insect pests that munch on leaves and help themselves to ripening fruits and vegetables, the spider will truly be your best friend.

These eight-legged arachnids are some of the only pest predators that don’t eat plants themselves, making them the perfect guests in your garden. A recent article in The Journal Times offers tips on how to create a more spider-friendly yard, which includes plenty of trees and shrubs.

Of the 45,500 known spider species, only a few (yellow sac, black widows and brown recluse) are venomous to humans. And since none of these species are aggressive, the chance of them harming you is rather low.

A great help in preventing other creepy crawly critters from infesting your garden and yard, spiders do make their way into homes on occasion. Since spiders lay hundreds of eggs at a time, a nest inside your home can easily result in itchy spider bites.

Seeing a spider or two is no cause for alarm, as these insects can easily make their way inside through a hole in your window screen or an open door, but if your Western New York home is facing a more serious infestation Amherst Exterminators can help.

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