Sneaky Winter Pests That May Enter Your Home

We aren’t the only ones getting acclimated to the colder temperatures and preparing for the long winter months ahead of us. When the weather outside drops to freezing temperatures, many pests will frantically search for a place to hide. Ideally, they like to sneak into warm places like your basement or attic. 

Here are some of the most common pests that can invade your home during the winter: Winter Pests

House Mice 

House mice are one of the most commonly encountered rodents in the United States. They enjoy nesting in dark, secluded areas like your attics and basements. Although rodents may seem harmless, you won’t want them in your home. They can cause damage to your property, such as chewing through drywall and wires.

Even though they like to be secluded, they aren’t shy animals. They love to explore and sample your food in your cupboards. Be careful because house mice are known to contaminate food and spread other diseases. 


It doesn’t take much effort for the stinkbug to enter your home. All they need is access to a crack or hole in your home. Stinkbugs are tricky because you may not even know that they’re in your house until they wake up in the early spring. 

You’ll likely find them on your walls and windows trying to get back outside. Try to refrain from killing them yourself because they will release a bad smell once they’re squished. 


Bedbugs can be an issue at all times of the year. However, since many people enjoy traveling to warmer destinations during the winter months, it increases the probability of encountering these pests much higher. If you’re planning on traveling throughout the winter, make sure that you’re inspecting your hotel room for any potential signs of bed bugs.


Another bright, bold bug that is hard to miss in your home is the ladybug. Once these bugs find a safe place to harbor in your home, they become a huge problem. You can usually find them hanging out around your windows or light fixtures during the night. They’re not harmful, but they can secrete a yellow fluid that will stain your surfaces. 

Do You Suspect Bugs in Your Home? 

If you see any of these sneaky pests in your home this winter, make sure you’re contacting Amherst Exterminators to take care of the problem! Call us at 716-908-2475 today to schedule an appointment with one of our exterminators!