Preparation and Expectations for Powder Post Beetle

Powder Post Beetle

Before Treatment:

Be prepared to show the technician all problem areas. Make sure that problem areas are cleared of clutter so that the area can be treated properly. People need to be out of the structure during the treatment and afterwards as directed by the product label. Pets will also need to be out of the structure or contained in a room not being treated. Do not use any over the counter or organic pest control products prior to or after our service; doing so may prevent our chemicals from working properly.

Many Powder Post Beetle infestations actually begin inside the wood before you bring it into your home. Likewise, there are certain conditions of wood that make it more susceptible to infestation. Powder Post beetles most often attack bare, unfinished wood. Use wood that has been sanded and varnished. Finished wood is not likely to be attacked by Powderpost beetles because the adults will not be able to find crevices in the surface to deposit their eggs.

Surface Treatments:

Active infestations present in bare, exposed wood will be treated to penetrate and get rid of insects inside the wood as well as those entering or exiting the surface of the wood. The chemical also attacks the larvae inside the wood, preventing them from causing further surface damage in the future when they would have emerged as adults. Finished wood surfaces must first be sanded down for the pesticide treatment to be effective.

What to Expect:

Please realize insects don’t drop dead as soon as they crawl across the treated areas. It can take a couple of hours (time varies) to kill them, but it will work. Please have realistic expectations after this treatment. It takes a little time from the moment they cross the material to the time they die. If you see them dead, it means the treatment is working!

After Treatments:

Do not wash the treated areas with chemical cleaner for 14 days. You may sweep or vacuum the areas daily if desired. Do not use any over the counter or organic pest control products for 30 days, doing so may prevent our chemicals from working correctly.


Please be patient and allow the treatment the necessary time to totally solve your ant problem. Whether or not the actual nesting area is found and treated, it is imperative that you wait 30 days before any re-treatment to allow the materials to do their job. To treat before the 30 days is only putting new material over a treatment that is already working. The materials that we use have a two to three month residual effect. The label is the law and may limit how often a residence may be treated so that you will not be over-exposed to materials.