Pavement Ant Exterminators in Buffalo

While they aren’t as dangerous as their cousins the carpenter ants, pavement ants are a nuisance that are best avoided. They will eat absolutely anything, from seeds and insects to meat, bread, and cheese. These insects can contaminate your food, so if you see any of these small dark brown or black ants, it’s best to have them removed as soon as possible.

Pavement Ants in Buffalo & Western New York

pavement ant exterminationPavement ants get their name because they often nest in the cracks in pavement. However, they can also be found in homes in Buffalo and throughout the Western New York region. Usually they nest in masonry walls at the ground level, but they can also build their nests between walls, in your insulation, and under the floors. They will forage up to 30 feet away from their nest.

Your Personal Pavement Ant Prevention Plan

Even though pavement ants aren’t as dangerous as other ant species, you still don’t want them in your home. Take these steps to keep them away:

  • Don’t allow standing water around your home.
  • Keep tree branches from growing too close to your home.
  • Don’t store firewood and other building materials right next to the house.

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