Mild Winter: What Does it Mean for Spring Insects?

Western New York is known for many things, with harsh winters being near the top of the list, but this past winter has been warmer than average. While that makes life a little easier for area residents, it does the same for area insects as well.

It is difficult to predict how this winter’s weather precisely impacts the insect population, but generally speaking, warmer weather allows a larger population of bugs to remain alive through the winter months. That, in turn, means a larger insect population in early spring.

“In the Northeast, milder winters are leading to changes in the distribution of plants and animals, including forest pests and insects that spread disease,” the Cary Institute explains. “Less snow translates into less snowmelt to the detriment of groundwater supplies. A lack of insulating snow cover damages plant roots. And intense rain events result in flooding, with damages to infrastructure.”

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