Keep Rats Out of Your Home and Yard

A pest that no homeowner wants to deal with, the rat is a dirty and unattractive mammal that carries a wide range of disease transmittable to humans, including salmonella. Nocturnal in nature, it is easy for rats to go unnoticed. Whether you catch a rat skittering around your backyard when you take Fido out before bed or you wake up to see your garbage cans have been raided, there are a few precautions you can take to make your yard and home as unpleasant to these rodents as possible.

Clean Up Your Yard

Rats love dark, enclosed spaces and typically stick to the same paths once they have been established, so we recommend looking for and eliminating rat runs around your yard. Tracks that are left in low vegetation, paths formed between ivy and your home, and holes through piles of wood or debris are all common when dealing with rats. The easiest way to eliminate these rodents from your yard is to get rid of the places they like to visit, removing anything that rats can get into from your property.

Cut Off Food Sources

Another important thing to do when dealing with rats is to cut off all potential sources of food. Keep garbage and grass seed in rat-proof containers, remove bird feeders from your lawn and clean up pet droppings every day. Without anywhere to hide or anything to eat, the rats will most likely leave your yard in search of somewhere that better meets their requirements.

Seal Your Home

If your home isn’t yet properly sealed from pests, we recommend sealing up gaps, holes and heating vents to keep rats from getting inside your house. Since these critters are able to chew through foam insulation, it is best to use heavy-gauge screening or to combine foam insulation with wire mesh.

If you do notice signs of a rat infestation inside your Western New York home, contact Amherst Exterminators immediately at 716-908-2475.