Is That a Wasp or a Bee?

Two of the most common insects you will see in your yard during the summer months, wasps and bees are both colored black and yellow with stingers that pack quite a powerful punch. Another trait they have in common? Both of these flying pests can potentially invade your home.

So how do you tell the different between a wasp and a bee? There are a few different traits to look for.


Although both insects can fit inside the palm of your hand, they are rather different in shape. The honey bee is round and wide, much fatter than his cousin the wasp. Wasps, on the other hand are long and thin, with a body that tapers in behind the wings before rounding back out.


Technically, bees and wasps are the same colors (yellow and black), but to a knowledgeable eye their exact shades are rather different. Honey bees are coated in what looks like hair or fur, and they can range in color from black to brown and orange to yellow.

Wasps, on the other hand, have a bright and shiny body with smooth, bold coloration.


honey beeOnce you get past their similar appearances, bees and wasps are very different creatures. Bees are pollinators that fly from one flower source to the next, enjoying nectar as they go. Wasps are predatory insects that eat other bugs.

Both are attracted to sugar sweet smells, which is why it is so important to keep your kitchen neat during the summer months. Neither wasps nor bees are aggressive in nature, but both will sting if enticed – or if they feel that their nest is in danger.

Honey bees and wasps are both known to builds their nests inside homes when given the opportunity, with popular nesting locations being in attics or on the inside of walls. Regardless of which flying pest you are dealing with, Amherst Exterminators can help. Give us a call at 716-908-2475 to schedule your appointment or request a free quote.