Importance of Removing a Bee’s Nest Before Winter

If you’ve noticed a bee’s nest on your property this summer and think you’ve made it through the worst, you will be surprised to know bees can actually keep their nests through changing seasons. In many cases, a bee’s nest can stand for several generations when firmly entrenched in a space.

Make sure the nest on your property does not become a yearly nuisance by calling a professional exterminator to have it safely and effectively removed.

This will not only keep your family safe but can potentially save you big by avoiding damage to your property.

Bees on a honeycomb

Bees can live through winter

There’s a misconception out there that bees die off once the late fall and winter rolls around. Although this is true for some of the bees in a colony, many bee populations (including carpenter bees) will actually rest during winter and reappear for mating season when the weather turns in the spring.

They can nest in your home

Bees are able to survive the winter months, even in colder climates, because of the way that they make their nests. They will typically chew through wood and create their nest inside to keep warm. Most nests are found in unpainted wood, where it is easiest to chew through.

If a bee population does create a safe and warm area to nest, they will not only become a nuisance for you each spring and summer but can create costly property damage to your home.

Nests can last for generations

If a nest is not taken out in the first year that it’s on your property, it can actually continue to grow with several generations all living inside the growing nest.

This will cause further damage to the wooden frame of your home, can attract other critters and can even cause wood to rot.

To avoid a sustained problem at your home, it is highly suggested that you have the bee’s nest removed by an expert exterminator.

If you live in the Western New York area and are looking for such an exterminator, we ask that you reach out to our team at Amherst Exterminators. We have years of experience removing bee’s nests from homes in the area and will make sure your property is protected now and in the future. Call us today at 716.908.2475 to schedule your service.