How to Keep German Cockroaches Out of Your Property

Several German Cockroaches Walking In a GroupCockroaches live in and adapt to just about any type of environment and have thrived on this planet for millions of years. They are very adept at finding places of warmth where they can thrive, such as homes, businesses and more.

Should you have a cockroach problem, especially German Cockroaches, at your home, business or other property, it’s extremely important to call upon a professional exterminator for pest services that will have them safely and effectively removed.

Keep your home sanitized

One thing you can do in an attempt to keep German cockroaches out of your property is proper sanitation. While cockroaches can survive in even the harshest of environments, German cockroaches have the basic needs of food, water and shelter. Because of this it is necessary to keep all sinks, counters and surface areas in your property dry and free of food and grease particles to stop these pests from thriving and reproducing.

Call upon an exterminator for problem areas

If you have tried the above method, yet believe you have a German cockroach infestation in your space (they are about 1/2 an inch long, tend to be a brownish color) it’s important to call upon a professional exterminator to resolve the problem.

They will place residual and bait applications in common entry points of your property, as well as in ant cracks, crevices, inside of cupboards, behind refrigerators and stoves and more where German cockroaches typically linger.

It’s important to note that you and any pets will need to be out of the structure or contained in a room not being treated when the exterminators are work and for a period of time afterwards (as directed by the exterminator).

Perform regular maintenance

Once the applications have been applied, it is important to stay on top of things and clean up dead cockroaches daily, as eggs will still hatch off of the dead roaches.

It is important to avoid washing treated areas with chemical cleaners for 14 days, but you may sweep or vacuum the areas daily if desired. Also, you should not use any over the counter or organic pest control products for 30 days, as this may prevent chemicals from working properly.

It is essential that you remain patient and allow the treatment the necessary time to solve your cockroach problem.

If you believe there is a German cockroach problem at your home, business or other property, we ask that you contact our friendly and experienced team at Amherst Exterminators.

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