How does the winter affect Insects in Western New York?

Frigid Weather  

With the temperatures hovering around zero in Western New York one might ask how insects survive. The answer is a simple one; insects do not maintain a constant body temperature like mammals do.  Insects adapt very well to their environment in which they live in.


Most insect development is contingent with temperatures above 50 degrees.  Insects are capable of slowing their body function down and go dormant when temperatures dip below 50 degrees.  Insects will survive frigid Western New York winters and slowly start to move around your home once spring weather is upon us.

Temperatures on the Rise

Not all insect will emerge all at once.  Spring time means insects, but where do they come from?   Many insects lay eggs in the fall that will hatch once the warmer arrive. Also over wintering, pupae will start to move and finally insects that have been dormant will begin their spring activities.  The bottom line is insects do survive the frigid Western New York winter and will become a nuisance to homeowners in the spring.

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