Five Ways to Prevent Bugs from Invading Your Home

Most home owners are concerned about bugs festering inside their home, it is a thought that many people cannot stand. Below are some suggestions on how to keep your home as bug free as possible.

Maintain Windows and Screens
Make sure all of the windows in your home have screens that are not torn. If you are going to open a window, you need to make sure that a screen is preventing bugs from getting while allowing a cool breeze through. Without a screen in your window, bugs and small rodents could get inside of your home, including bees, ants, squirrels and birds. Windows should also be sealed round the edges and any cracks in the glass should be filled to prevent bugs from crawling through that way.

Organize Your Home
It might be common knowledge but a clean home often means less bugs. Bugs are desperate for cluttered spaces and flock to homes that are not organized. They want to hide in dark corners, small crevices, and crowded spaces. Clutter allows them to feel protected and hidden. If your home has minimal clutter, bugs will have a hard time finding a hiding spot.

Take Out Your Garbage
We are all guilty of letting our garbage sit longer than we should. However, taking out our garbage regularly is a proven way to avoid bug infestations. Many people believe that if their garbage does not smell, it does not need to go outside. Bugs will smell dirty garbage before you so it isn’t good to go off of smell alone.  Although you don’t need to change your garbage every day, you should be taking it out every few days. Make sure you occasionally clean your garbage as well. Although this is a dreadful job, it should be done on occasion. Scrub it down with cleaning solution to get off any messes.

Clean Up After Pets
Bugs are not clean creatures and they enjoy sitting on pet waste. Make sure you are cleaning any dog waste up from the backyard regularly so bugs don’t flock to the waste and surround your home and yard. Cat litter should be cleaned every day because it sits inside. Bugs are drawn to pet food and water dishes sitting on the floor as well because they get dirty. You should clean your pets bowls often and store any extra food in a sealed container.

Keep Food Sealed Away
Whenever you can, store your food, such as cereal or rice, in air tight containers. Make sure you put snacks into your cupboards and drawers. Wipe down any appliances that sit out on the counter such as toasters and coffee machines. Keep your counter clear of food whenever possible. If you put dishes in the sink to thoroughly wash at a later time, try and rinse any food or liquids from the dish first.

Unfortunately, bugs are always going to find different ways into homes. All we can do is take precautions against them. If you do face a bug or pest problem, contact Amherst Exterminators to help you get it under control.