Effective Rodent Control for Your Home

Mouse on trap with cheeseWhen it comes to keeping rodents out of your home, there are several measures that can be taken in its interior and exterior to ensure these pesky critters stay where they belong.

Whether it be rodent proofing, well placed traps at entry points of your home, baiting with rodenticides and more, these remedies will effectively keep rodents at bay when the temperature drops.

Rodent proof your home

One of the most effective ways of controlling rodents is by making sure all cracks, holes and openings are properly sealed in the entryways of your home.

Mice are extremely crafty when it comes to getting into homes and have the ability to squeeze into extremely small areas. If you see any cracks or holes near entry points where you can fit a pencil, it is suggested to fill in these openings to prevent easy access.

While you can create a makeshift seal to protect your home for the time being, it is suggested to have a professional rodent control company to your home to provide the long-lasting sealing you require.

Well placed traps

While rodent proofing your home can keep mice and rats at bay, many rodents will still attempt to enter your home through chewing and gnawing. In the event that they are able to get into your home through these techniques, it is important to have well placed traps indoors.

A professional rodent control company will have the experience and knowledge to place traps in the most effective areas (out of reach of children) and will even come back regularly to monitor the traps.

Baiting with rodenticides

Another effective means of rodent control is through baiting with rodenticides outside of your home.

Locked, secured rodent stations will be expertly placed around the foundation of your home, and when baited with rodenticide, will effectively attract then eliminate the rodent problem from your property.

If you believe that you have rodents on or inside your property and want to have them safely and effectively removed, we ask that you call on our team at Amherst Exterminators.

We are the experts to call for rodent identification and removal in the Western New York area and will be honored to get to work at your home to make it rodent free. Call us today at 716.908.2475 to get started.