Easy Ways to Rid Your Home of Pesky Ants

Just like bears, ants hibernate during the winter. Once the weather breaks, they emerge from hibernation, looking for food to start the cycle over again. Ants are most active when temperatures reach 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit.  Spring and summer are peak season for ants, and this is when you are more likely to find them in your home. Ants are attracted to warm small areas where they can easily find food. Places like your kitchen cabinets, counters, and in between couch cushions. There are many home remedies you can use if you notice an influx of ants in your house, but if your pest control issues get out of hand, it is best to hire a professional.

Here are some easy ways you can get rid of ants in your home:

Easy Ways to Rid Your Home of Pesky Ants

Clean your house– This may sound like basic information, but you should keep in mind what ants are attracted to while you clean. If you have any food that spilled in the back of your cabinet or sticky countertops this can be a goldmine for the ant. Once one ant finds food they will bring more! Wipe down your surface areas with a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part water. This will help remove any food residue and will keep ants away.

Mark your territory– There are many different entryways to your home for an ant. Draw a chalk line around windowsills and doorways to keep ants at bay. The calcium carbonate in chalk throws off their scent trail and will help stop them from entering your home.

Cinnamon– Not only will this tip make your home smell like fresh baked goods, but it will keep ants away. Cinnamon acts as a natural repellant. You can stray cinnamon essential oil around entryways like windows and doors.

With the use of these tip, you can decrease the number of ants in your home, but if you have a serious insect problem you will need professional help. Amherst Exterminators can help eliminate your pest control issues. We will thoroughly inspect your home and then establish a plan specific to your issues. Call us at 716-908-2475 today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced exterminators.