Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Warning: just reading this blog entry will make your skin crawl with heebie jeebies and you’ll probably find yourself itching and scratching, because this blog is about… bed bugs.

Gross, right? Yes! Bed bugs are small, blood-sucking insects, oval in shape and often found in people’s beds, including their mattress, box springs and even bed frames. These little suckers do not fly. They crawl. And they just might be crawling on you while you’re sleeping!

Have you noticed any small, flat or raised bumps on your skin lately? How about redness, swelling and/or itching? You could be the recipient of bed bug bites. Lucky you– not! These annoying little buggers often bite the face, neck, hands and arms. Will these bites kill you? No. But you may itch like crazy and require some steroid cream or oral antihistamine for relief.

Search your bedding for what looks like “fecal stains as well as egg cases and shed bug skins, which may indicate you’ve got bed bugs. Then, don’t go crazy. Remain calm and call Amherst Exterminators at 716-908-2475. Serving Amherst/Williamsville, North Buffalo/Kenmore, The Tonawandas, Clarence, Lancaster and other communities in Western New York, Amherst Exterminators can come “take care” of your bed bug problem.

Did you mom ever say, “Night, night, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” If so, she obviously didn’t call Amherst Exterminators to save you from the horror of those awful creepy crawlies. No one should have to live with bedbugs. Get rid of them today!