Common Ant Species In Your Home 

Common Ant Species In Your Home

Summer is right around the corner, and as the weather heats up, you may notice an influx of pests in your home. During this time, it is common to find ants in your home; There are a variety of ant species. If you are experiencing an ant infestation, it helps to know what kind of ants you are dealing with. 

Here are the most common ant species that can enter your home:

Carpenter Ants– These ants are usually black or dark brown. They can dig tunnels through wood, which is usually where they build their nests. The nest can contain up to 50,000 ants. These ants can be extremely damaging to your home because their tunnels weaken the wood in your home. 

Odorous House Ants– This ant is brown or black in color. The unique feature of this species is that when killed, they release a pheromone, which alerts other ants in the colony. This pheromone can be quite unpleasant but helps distinguish them from other ants. These ants can nest in a variety of locations in homes like walls, insulation, and window frames. 

Pharaoh Ants– These are another very common ant species that can cause an indoor infestation. They are very small, with light yellow coloring. This is one of the most difficult species to control because of how quickly they mate. These ants create multiple colonies with different queens and can quickly get out of control. 

Although all ant species are different, one of the most common ways to eliminate them in your home is to use bait. Simply killing the ants you see does not eliminate the queen or kill the ants in the nest. Bait can be brought back to the colony by a worker ant, which can help kill off the colony. 

Trying to manage an ant infestation can become overwhelming. If you notice the issue has become too difficult to control, it is best to consult a professional. 

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