Cluster Flies Love Taking Up Residence In Your Attic

If you’ve been noticing flies around your property that don’t seem like the average housefly, you may have something a bit different on your hands. One of the biggest nuisances property owners deal with is cluster flies, a specific type of fly that are a bit more aggressive than you may be used to. In fact, these flies tend to gather around windows and try to make their way into structures, sometimes even tearing through screens. We’re here to provide you with a few more facts about these flies that you should be aware of.

Cluster flies have also been called attic flies, and that’s because they tend to make their way into the attic of homes in order to hibernate. Fortunately, they tend to leave people alone for the most part, and they tend to congregate in areas of homes that are usually uninhabited, hence the attic.

Why are these flies called Cluster flies? Well, they tend to gather and form clusters around windows and inside walls. You may notice some stains left on your curtains or walls where these flies have been recently. Unlike some species of flies, Cluster flies can live for several months, so don’t expect an infestation to go away by itself any time soon.

No matter what type of flies you are dealing with in and around your property, you don’t have to deal with the problem all on your own. Contact the professionals at Amherst Exterminators today to find out how we can get rid of cluster flies in no time!