Cluster Flies Extermination in Buffalo

Cluster flies look like the common housefly, but there are several key differences. They are often larger and darker, and they don’t move as quickly. Their abdomens are checked in light and dark gray, and their thoraxes have short, golden hairs.

Cluster flies are largely a nuisance and inconvenience. They will often cluster around windows, lamps, and other sources of light. When crushed, they leave a stain on walls, windows, and curtains. Amherst Exterminators provides professional cluster fly prevention and extermination services in Buffalo and throughout the Western New York region.

Cluster Fly Occurrence in Buffalo & Western New York

cluster fly exterminationDuring the spring, summer, and early fall, cluster flies remain outside. It’s when they move into winter quarters that they start to cause trouble. Cluster flies are attracted to warmth and will often colonize the south and west sides of a house. They find their way in through small cracks and openings inside the house. Then, they infest the parts of the house where humans generally aren’t, like the attic and between the walls.

Your Personal Cluster Fly Prevention Plan

You can take a number of steps to prevent cluster flies from taking up residence in your home:

  • Cluster flies start to move into homes in late summer and early fall. Pre-treat your home with insecticides to prevent them from coming inside.
  • Plug up small holes that the insects might be using to get inside. While it may not be possible to find and fix all of these holes, you can at least make it harder for flies to get in.
  • Call Amherst Exterminators for professional prevention and more information.