Check for Pests When House Hunting

One of the most stressful points in any adult’s life is house hunting. There are so many factors to consider when looking at a house.

  • Does the roof need replacing?
  • Is the foundation leaking?
  • Can I fit my clothes in this closet?

All of these questions and more will be running through your mind throughout the buying process. One thing that many people overlook is if there is a pest problem.

Sometimes when there is a pest problem, you won’t even notice until it is too late and you are all moved in, and then you notice a little critter giving you the side eye when you encroach on “his space”. This is what we want to help you avoid. What should you look for then as you are touring homes?


As you walk through the home, you may check for water pressure from the faucet. Once you do that, bend down and look in the cupboards and check for any active pests. This will be the easiest way to tell if there is a problem on your hands.


Going through each of the bedrooms to you may look to check the size and see if it will measure up to what you need. Next you may look at the condition of the windows to see if they need replacing. As you do this, look at the sills to see if there are any dead bugs lying in there. If you notice the same bugs in windows throughout the house – chances are that there are many more live ones on the property.

Odd Smells

Lastly, as you are walking through taking in the sights of a possible forever home, breathe through your nose and see if anything smells off to you or the people who you are touring the home with. Many exterminators will tell you that pests will give off smells. Mice give off a urine smell, roaches have an oily odor, and the smell of garbage is also a bad sign.

If you end up falling completely in love with a house that does have a major or minor pest problem, give Amherst Exterminators a call at 716-908-2475 before you move in. We can have everything taken care of before you unpack your bags and get settled in!