Buffalo Moves Up on List of Most Infested Bed Bug Cities

Orkin recently released their 2016 list of the top 50 cities with bed bugs, and while Chicago topped the list for the fourth year in a row, Buffalo made quite the jump, moving up from number 26 to number 20. A small, brown insect that feeds on human blood, bed bugs are about the size of apple seeds and leave itchy red welts, similar to mosquito bites, on the skin. Not necessarily a sign of uncleanliness, there are a couple different ways that bed bugs can make their way into your home and bed.

Used Clothes and Furniture

Although shopping thrift stores for unique, vintage finds is a popular trend, it is important to take proper care before bringing any type of used clothing or furniture into your home. Common carriers of bed bugs, clothes should be put in the washing machine immediately to prevent potential bed bugs infesting your home. When it comes to furniture it is important to perform a thorough inspection before your purchase, checking for the presence of bugs and stains. If you are still worried even after checking for bugs, you can also reupholster the furniture – preferably outside or in a garage – to keep bed bugs at bay.

Hotel Stays

Before booking your next hotel stay, remember to check the web for complaints of bed bugs. While these critters can appear anywhere, it is better not to take chances. Regardless of where you stay, it is a good idea to check your room for bugs upon arrival, searching the beds and nearby furniture. Instead of hanging luggage in the closet or tossing your bags on floor, set it up on a luggage stand to keep your things out of the way of any potential infestation. If you do see signs of bed bugs, head to the front desk immediately to report your findings.

Take care purchasing used goods, check your room when staying at hotels and watch for signs of bed bugs to keep your home and family bite-free. If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation in the Western New York area, contact Amherst Exterminators at 716-908-2475 to handle the problem immediately.