Buffalo Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bugs are small, flat brown insects that feed on blood. They naturally feed on bats, birds, and other wild creatures. However, some species (especially Cimex lectularius) have evolved over thousands of years to feed on humans.

Bed bugs occurred commonly across the US until the widespread use of DDT in the 1940s essentially eliminated them. However, with our modern taste for travel, these tough and resourceful creatures have recently begun to surge in numbers, often accompanying our baggage from hotel rooms back to our homes.

These insects emerge to feed on you and your family at night and then crawl off to hidden spots to digest their meal throughout the day.

Occurrence of Bed Bugs in Buffalo & Western New York

Bed bugs are currently spreading throughout hotels, motels, and residences all across Buffalo and throughout Western New York.

They crawl out from their hiding places and bite you while you are sleeping and unable to detect their presence. After about 10 minutes of engorging themselves on your blood, they crawl back to their hiding places, which may be under the corners of your mattress, drapes, picture frames, or any other sheltered spot in your bedroom.

Their victims’ reaction varies from person to person. Many people wake up with one or more itchy red welts; other people display no obvious marks from their attack. Since many people wrongly assign these symptoms to other insects like mosquitoes and spiders, bed bug infestations can often build over several months without detection. If you develop itchy red bumps that cannot be explained, then chances are that you are a victim of bed bugs.

If you have evidence of bed bug activity, you want to rely on an exterminating company that will get the job done. Amherst Exterminators offers a variety of services for insect control and bed bug removal. Bed bugs are sneaky and hard to find, but our techs are trained to pinpoint evidence. We will look in your bed, furniture, rugs, linens and more for evidence of these pests and check any cracks and crevices.

Once we have found that your space has been home to bed bugs, we provide a detailed plan for removal based on the severity of the problem. We will target the bugs as well as the larvae to prevent any further issues. We use the best tools and techniques to get rid of bed bugs and keep your family, pets, and home safe from pests. Contact our pest exterminators today.

Your Personal Bed Bug Prevention Plan:

Homeowners can take a number of steps to reduce the potential for bed bug infestations:

  • Remove any other wildlife pests that may live in or on your home, as they are a frequent source of bed bugs.
  • When traveling, carefully inspect under mattresses, under picture frames, and behind drapes in your hotel room. Inspect yourself each morning for bed bug bites. If you find any evidence of bed bugs, insist on a different room.
  • Bed bugs often enter your home in or on baggage or luggage from infested hotel rooms; carefully inspect your clothes and bags before leaving the hotel.
  • After a trip away from home, re-inspect your bags and wash everything as soon as you get home.
  • If you have an infestation in your mattresses, discard them, have your home treated by a professional expert, and buy new mattresses.

Let our pest control company get rid of the bed bugs in your home! Contact Amherst Exterminators for bed beg extermination & prevention services in Buffalo, NY.