Beware of Bugs in Rustic Furniture

The thought of unwanted bugs sitting on our furniture alongside us leaves our skin crawling with uneasiness. Unfortunately, insects could be cozy next to you without you even knowing it.

There are several species of insects that are so small you would not be able to detect them until they became bothersome.

Wooden furniture, which is extremely popular, commonly becomes home to pesky insects.

Wood often serves as “home” for thousands of insect species.

Even when the wood is cut down and preserved for residential furniture use, there is never a 100% guarantee there won’t be pests found in the wood.

In Madison, Wisconsin state officials are actually warning consumers to be on the lookout for exotic inspect pests that are being found within imported rustic log furniture.

This warning is not only for the homeowner’s safety but also for the safety of Wisconsin’s forests.

In 2016, there were two incidents in the city of Madison where imported rustic furniture from China was infested with insects.

The insects were identified as wood-boring beetles that are typically native to China. This type of beetle could pose a major danger to the forest, crops, and wood product industries if they escaped into the environment.

The buyers noticed the various types of beetles in the furniture when sawdust was found around the furniture. These beetles could live up to two years within the furniture and go unnoticed.

Here are ways you can recognize if you have pests invading your furniture, especially those made of wood:

– Sawdust around the furniture
– Exit holes or small tunnels where insects burrow
– Loose bark or visible trails that indicate wood damage

If you suspect an insect infestation in your furniture, be sure to contact a professional to handle it such as Amherst Exterminators.