Bald Faced Hornet Removal in Buffalo

Bald-faced hornets have an important role to play in nature, but that role does not extend to your home or office. These insects carry a high risk of stinging, as they are aggressive, and a single hornet can sting over and over again. They can also cause serious structural damage that will get worse the longer you wait to address it.

Occurrence of Bald‑Faced Hornets in Buffalo & Western New York

Even though they are not technically hornets, bald-faced hornets are social insects that live in colonies of 100-400 individuals. You will usually find them in the late summer. They usually build large paper nests 3-4 feet off the ground. These nests can be found outside on structures like trees, utility poles, or sheds. However, sometimes they can nest inside homes.

Your Personal Sting Prevention Plan:

A number of steps can be taken by homeowners to reduce the potential for future bald-faced hornet problems:

  • In early spring or late fall, use caulk to seal up the tiny gaps that allow insects access into your building’s structure.
  • Be careful when working around nests in sheltered areas, such as in bushes and trees adjacent to your home.
  • Be careful when entering your attic or opening up hollow walls inside your home.
  • If bald-faced hornets are not in your “personal space” – for instance, if the nest is high up in a tree – consider leaving them alone. Bald-faced hornets often eat more troublesome insects, so having them around can prevent other pest problems.


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