Avoid Being Stung by Yellow Jackets & Hornets

Hornets in atticDuring the summer months, it can seem like you’re constantly being bothered by pesky yellow jackets and hornets when relaxing on the patio, by the pool or in any other area outdoors.

Although these insects are generally harmless, there are times that they can become defensive and attempt to use their stingers.

To avoid being stung by these insects it’s important to stay far away from their nests when possible and look for indicators that a nest is making its way into your home.

Steer clear of yellow jacket and hornet’s nests

One of the best ways to avoid being stung by these pests is staying away from their nests. This may seem obvious, but many people get the impulse to remove a yellow jacket or hornets’ nest on their own. This is in fact one of the worst things you can do, as it can lead to you being attacked and stung in your effort to take down the nest.

Even if you’re trying to stay away from the nest, it’s important to be cognizant of where it is at all times, so you don’t accidentally get too close. Yellow jackets typically nest in holes in the ground, while hornets like to create nests in high, covered areas that can sometimes be attached to your home.

Look for dark spots on ceilings

If you’ve noticed a hornet’s nest high up along the side of your home, and have left it alone throughout the summer months, it’s suggested to look for dark spots along walls and ceilings in your home.

In some cases, the nest can make its way into your home through the wall, creating an entrance for the insects to burrow in. When this happens, the insects can begin to cause damage to wood, plasterboard and more, putting your family in danger of being stung if they find their way through those materials.

If you’ve noticed any dark spots near the area of the nest, it is essential that you have the nest removed before there is further damage to your property or it harms your loved ones.

Call on a professional exterminator

Should you notice a hornet’s nest on your property, or any dark spots forming on the walls or ceilings, it is essential that you call upon an experienced and professional exterminator to have the nest removed.

When you need an exterminator to come out to your Western New York home to have a yellow jacket or hornet’s nest removed, we ask that you call upon our team at Amherst Exterminators to have it removed safely and effectively.

Although it is suggested to have the nest removed as soon as you notice it on your property, our team has the skills and experience to have any sized nests safely removed. Protect your property and family by calling our team at 716.908.2475 for a FREE estimate.