Tips to Avoid an Ant Infestation

Ants invade a homeNo one wants an ant invasion in their home, but unfortunately, it’s a pretty common occurrence, particularly during the summer months. The good news is these infestations are not completely random – there are some steps you can take to keep ants out of your house. Here are some tips to keep your home ant-free this summer

Eliminate Potential Food Sources

While crumbs on a floor or smudges on a plate may not be a meal for us, they are for ants. Like any pest, ants are looking for leftover food scraps to subsist on. You can ensure they don’t find anything by keeping your floors clean, washing dirty dishes and wiping down other surfaces.

Additionally, any other food you have should be properly stored. This means putting food in sealed, air-tight containers so ants cannot get to them. If there are no easily available snacks, ants won’t be as likely to enter your home.

Get Rid of Their Entrances

In many cases, ants will enter your home through cracks around your windows, doors and foundation. Look for potential ant entrances throughout the outside of your home and seal them off with caulk. If scout ants can’t find a way into your home, you’ll be protected from the rest of the colony as well. Sealing off visible entryways makes it all the more difficult for an infestation to occur.

Unfortunately, cutting down on their food supplies and blocking off potential entrances may not be enough. There’s a chance ants might find a way into your home anyway. The best way to solve interior problems is to have maintenance treatments done on your exterior by a professional.

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