Ponds Can Bring Pests

If you have a pond on your property, you might find yourself fending off insects and pests frequently. Ponds usually result in critters coming into your home and frequently popping up around your property. Although ponds often bring butterflies and songbirds, they can also result in snakes, mosquitoes, mammals, and other pests.


Mosquitoes are a common when it comes to “pond pests.” They are irritating and extremely attracted to standing water. To avoid mosquitoes from swarming your pond, you can consider installing some sort of fountain which will keep the water moving and help keep mosquitoes at bay.


Aphids are another frequent pond pest. These insects attached themselves to aquatic plants, affecting the ecology of your pond in a negative way. Do your best to soak your aquatic plants regularly in fresh water to get rid of these pests. If these pests fall into the water and you have fish in your pond, the fish will take care of them.


If you live in an area that has mammals such as raccoons or foxes, you might find them wandering towards your pond, especially if you have fish within it. To prevent the mammals from entering or snatching your fish, you can put a mesh grille over the pond. Although it can become frustrating to take this on and off as needed, it is a sure way to protect the pond from mammals.

Aquatic Leaf Beetles

These beetles are typically small, ranging in color from dark brown to black, and they feed on leaves frequently found around ponds. They will chew holes in the leaves and you’ll probably notice speckled areas on the plants. These beetles feed on aquatic plants as well which can result in dead foliage and infected plants. To get rid of them, spray them with a strong spray of water.

These are just several pests that are commonly found around ponds. If you believe that your pond is resulting in a pest infestation around or in your home, contact Amherst Exterminators.