Preparation and Expectations for Indian Meal Moth/Pantry Moth

Indian Meal Moth/Pantry Moth

Before Treatment:

Be prepared to show the technician all problem areas. Make sure that problem areas are cleared of clutter so that the area can be treated properly. Do not use any over the counter or organic pest control products prior to or after our service; doing so may prevent our chemicals from working properly. In most cases Sanitation is the key to ridding an Indian Meal/Pantry Moth issue.

Inspect and Clean Breeding Sites:

To get rid of pantry moths, clean the pantry thoroughly, discard expired food and place all food in airtight containers.


Pheromone-based moth traps will be installed in problem areas.


Please be patient and allow the treatment the necessary time to totally solve your problem. Whether or not the actual breeding area is found and treated, it is imperative that you wait 30 days before any re-treatment to allow the materials to do their job. To treat before the 30 days is only putting new material over a treatment that is already working. The label is the law and may limit how often a residence may be treated so that you will not be over-exposed to materials.