How to Keep Animals Away From Your Garbage in the Summer

It can be scary to walk outside your home in the summertime and see an animal picking through your trash. More often than not, it happens because homeowners forget to close their garbage cans tightly, which can attract an animal and give it easy access to your trash. Therefore, one solution to your problem is to simply make sure you keep the lids of your garbage cans secure at all times. There are other ways to keep animals away from your garbage, too. Check them out below:

Make sure you dispose of your garbage properly.

Animals go through garbage cans in the summertime because they are in search of food. So if you want to keep them away, dispose of your garbage properly and reduce the odors that come off it. You can do this by making sure you rinse any food containers or packages off before you dispose of them. You can also buy certain types of garbage bags that will cut down on the smells associated with garbage, which should help keep animals away.

Use metal trash cans instead of plastic ones.

Plastic garbage cans are usually cheaper than metal ones, but some animals will chew right through them if it means finding food. Metal garbage cans will be impossible for most animals to chew through, and they also don’t absorb odors the same way that plastic ones do. So by switching from plastic to metal, you might be able to solve your problem altogether.

Install a box to house all of your garbage cans.

If you’ve tried everything else and you still can’t keep animals out of your trash, it might be time to build a box to put your garbage cans in. It will be a little bit of an investment, but it will pretty much guarantee that animals will stop rummaging through your trash, as long as you keep the box shut at all times.

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