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How to Keep Animals Away From Your Garbage in the Summer

It can be scary to walk outside your home in the summertime and see an animal picking through your trash. More often than not, it happens because homeowners forget to close their garbage cans tightly, which can attract an animal and give it easy access to your trash. Therefore, one solution to your problem is… Read more »

Signs That It’s Time to Call an Exterminator

There are far too many people who put off pest problems for far too long and end up paying the price for it. Pests can cause extensive amounts of damage in a home, and in some cases, they can also subject you and your family to illnesses. It can be frustrating to deal with pests,… Read more »

Checking Your Fireplace for Pests

If you use the fireplace inside of your home during the bitter cold of winters of Western New York, it is important to understand how to prevent pests from gaining access into your home through it. Inspecting Your Firewood When you transport outside firewood into your home, it is vital that you inspect each piece… Read more »

Five Ways to Prevent Bugs from Invading Your Home

Most home owners are concerned about bugs festering inside their home, it is a thought that many people cannot stand. Below are some suggestions on how to keep your home as bug free as possible. Maintain Windows and Screens Make sure all of the windows in your home have screens that are not torn. If… Read more »